French potato producer and trader Top'Pom has just started its new campaign. Yields vary from one region to another, but the marketing season looks promising.

Yields vary according to production basin
Top'Pom's activity extends over several production areas, and this year’s production shows some disparities. “The yields in Champagne-Ardennes are very heterogeneous depending on the sector, due to emergence problems after the planting period. The average volumes will therefore not be exceptional,” explains Antoine Geysels, managing director of Top’Pom. The excessive rainfall in August led to a predominance of large calibers and a few cases of dartrose, but overall, the “skin quality is satisfactory.” In the Beauce region, “the yields are also good”, but it is still too early to comment on the production of the Nord and Seine-Maritime departments.

In order to increase its activity, Top'Pom is looking for new employees to work alongside producers in the Champagne and Beauce basins.

“Remunerative prices to help producers absorb rising costs”
“In terms of sales, the season is off to a good start, with a high demand from Italy since the beginning of August, due to a historically low production in the country this year. The demand from Spain has also recently increased.” France is no exception, as French clients are also “buying at the start of the season.” This good dynamic early in the season means that we can “look forward to a good campaign, with remunerative prices enabling producers to absorb the higher production costs.”

With a marked increase in exports this year, Top'Pom can look forward to a buoyant market outside of the French borders as well. “Prices are high for this time of year, given the good steady demand from southern countries. Export volumes are therefore good for the time being, pointing to a promising marketing season.”

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