The current season has been particularly difficult for citrus production in Spain, a major supplier to the European market. Extreme weather conditions, notably heat waves followed by periods of frost, have disrupted citrus growth and ripening. "Within our group, Citri & Co, we recorded a 20% drop in production," says Michael Sanchez Escriva.

Higher prices and interest in other origins
This decrease in supply from Spain directly impacts the French market, as citrus prices "have risen significantly, up to +10/15% for some varieties. At Arco Fruits, we are actively working to mitigate these increases by optimizing our supply chains and exploring other sources of imports, such as Portugal, to maintain a wide range of supply on the French market".

CO2 Neutral citrus
Demand for citrus fruits in France remains strong, with "growing interest in certified organic and sustainable citrus. At Arco Fruits we have developed a CO2-neutral range to meet consumers' health and environmental concerns. We are committed to providing high-quality citrus while successfully navigating the challenges of the market, ensuring that our production is in line with French market needs while supporting the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Growers, including groups like Citri & Co with Rio Tinto and Arco Fruits, are striving to adapt to these conditions by improving agricultural practices, investing in sustainable pest management solutions, and exploring new, more resilient citrus varieties."

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