Offshoot Brands, a company fostering plant-forward brands like Love Beets, Genuine Coconut and Veggie Confetti, and Canadian company LOOP Mission, a producer of cold-pressed juices, announce their exclusive partnership to introduce sustainable beverage options into the U.S. market. All four brands will be represented at the upcoming IFPA Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim, California on October 19th - 21st, at booth #2218.

In an endeavor to reduce food waste and champion sustainability through innovative product lines, Offshoot Brands welcomes LOOP Mission to its portfolio, where it will lead sales and marketing initiatives for the beverage brand across the U.S. market. This collaboration ensures the amplification of LOOP's mission to valorize rejected food, while simultaneously aligning with Offshoot's ambition to bring more sustainable options to the retail landscape.

“We are incredibly selective when augmenting our portfolio and are always on the hunt for unique, innovative and value-added products that make healthy eating easier and infuse an element of fun into consumers' dietary choices," said George Shropshire, general manager of Offshoot Brands. “LOOP Mission is not just a beverage company. It’s a mission-aligned brand that rescues perfectly good fruits and vegetables and repurposes them into products, which aligns with, and elevates, our values.”

Offshoot Brands, which fosters plant-forward brands including Love Beets, and LOOP Mission, will introduce sustainable beverage options into the U.S. market.

LOOP Mission operates with a sustainable business model, partnering with major food industry entities to utilize edible products, which, due to aesthetic imperfections or shelf-life limitations, are discarded before reaching consumers.

LOOP Mission will integrate into Offshoot Brands' portfolio, embracing and extending the brand’s existing values and commitments to sustainability. Offshoot Brands works with farms to attain certified regenerative status and employ whole-crop utilization to mitigate food waste.

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