According to recent research, adults who take up a healthier diet during their 40s can extend their lifespan by eight or more years. Evidence from a study of more than 460,000 Brits shows that people will live longer if they eat more nuts and whole grains and reduce their sugary drinks and processed meats intake.

Women in their 40s who start following the NHS Eatwell Guide are expected to live for eight years and seven months longer than if they were adopting a typically British unhealthy diet. Also, 40-year-old men are likely to live for almost nine years longer if they follow the Eatwell Guide, the study has revealed. This study has been published in the journal Nature Food.

Lead author Professor Lars Thadnes said: “Healthy eating can prevent premature deaths from things like heart attacks and strokes. People changing their diet as much as possible could help to achieve targets to reduce these avoidable deaths.” Thadnes promoted the consumption of more whole grains and nuts.