Tajikistan concluded its persimmon harvest season. Cold weather earlier this year damaged persimmon orchards, leading to a low yield and record-high prices. Traditionally priced at 0.25 euro per kilogram, this year's persimmons reach up to 1.24 euro per kilogram in various markets.

Despite not being a major global producer, Tajikistan exported over 2,000 tons of fresh persimmons in 2022, totalling $422,000. There are not enough persimmon plantations in the republic. One of the small gardens is located in Tursunzad.

Globally, persimmon production reaches 5 million tons annually. According to FAO data for the past year, the main suppliers of persimmons to the world market were China (3,429,400 tons), South Korea (200,600 tons), Azerbaijan (192,400 tons), Japan (187,900 tons), and Brazil (170,200 tons). Persimmons are grown on a small scale in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Georgia.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts a 6.16% annual growth in the global persimmon market until 2028. With around 300 species, persimmons offer diverse flavours.

source: asiaplustj.info