The Avolicious brand of avocados was launched this year by the AVO Distribution Group, the brand supplies premium avocados primarily from Tanzania and Kenya.

“We have good partnerships with our Tanzanian growers,” explains Graham Povey from the company. “We also have a large packhouse in Tanzania where we pack all the avocados from our harvest. In addition, we also have a super packhouse in Kenya where we have the capacity to ship up to 30 containers a week from April through to October.”

The avocado harvest has just started in Tanzania, early volumes are looking good although sizes may be slightly smaller than normal.

“We will start our export fully, early in 2024, for the moment we are shipping to Europe and Asia. We have seen strong demand from the Indian market too.”

Graham said that avocados from Tanzania have not had the best reputation for quality over the past few years, but that has changed. “Our growers can produce high quality, large avocados with a consistent supply right through until May 2024. We will start in December with small volumes via air, then as volumes increase in mid to late January, we hope to ship 15-17 containers a week seafreight.”

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Graham Povey
AVO Distribution Group Ltd
Tel: (+44) 7506 423538