“This year too, the Christmas box will include two new product lines featuring dried tomatoes and pumpkins that become tasty soups just by adding warm water. Their added value is that they are vegetables with a fresh taste, as if just harvested. What is convenient about dried vegetables is that, by not containing water, they not only have a lower bacterial load but, once rehydrated, they maintain their initial properties. And, most of all, they are available all year round," reports Rossella Spatola, owner of Teorema Mediterraneo.

Teorema Mediterraneo was made possible by the experience gained by its founder within the family business specializing in the drying of fresh produce. The brand produces different lines including dried vegetable mixes for pasta, ready risottos, spices and aromatic herbs, kits and gift boxes, sweet spreads, jams and vegetable spreads, seeds and berries, infusions and herbal teas. Teorema Mediterraneo processed products are made in a dedicated area of the facility, and include the pasta condiments, ready risottos, seasonings, spices and aroma. In a separate area, the company processes its Genigià branded products: fully natural vegetable spreads, fruit extracts and preservative-free seasonal vegetable preserves.

“In addition to the jams and marmalades, our most popular products include dried condiments ideal for first courses. The popularity of this market segment has increased quite a lot over the past few years both in Italy and abroad, also due to the current lifestyle. The two soup lines mentioned above are available in the 100 gram format for the retail sector and in the 1 kg format for catering. With pumpkins, we make the pumpkin and porcini mushroom, pumpkin and cheese and pumpkin and rosemary variants. Tomato soups are available as tomato and onion, tomato and olives, tomato and capers, tomato and rosemary and tomato and garlic."

Focusing on the quality of every single ingredient means we have to have the control over the entire production chain, especially now that it is difficult to source raw materials, so much so that sometimes we have to change the recipes.

"Frutta e Spezie”, Teorema Mediterraneo's sweet line, includes 7 types of marmalade - Orange and cinnamon, Orange and chia seeds, Lemon and mint, Lemon and ginger - available in 220 gram jars. Then there is a new line of spreads available in the Pistachio, Hazelnut, Milk and hazelnut, Lemon, Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Peanut butter and Coconut flavors. No pectin or preservatives are used, only fresh fruit, lemon juice, spices and/or vegetables and sugar.

"We produce fully organic dried fruits and vegetables of Italian origin. Now that people tend to make healthier choices when it comes to food, it is essential to find information about the processes and chain on the label. The problem is that, thanks to the good shelf-life of dried products, large quantities of foreign products arrive in Italy at low prices, which causes difficulties for Italian productions."

In addition to commercializing its products in the US, Teorema products also reach Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Online sales are also on the up, especially when it comes to B2B platforms selling directly to small stores in Europe, while production on behalf of third parties represents 10% of the total.

For further information:
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Teorema Mediterraneo Srl

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