Cranberry beer is becoming an innovative addition to Thanksgiving tables in New Jersey, leveraging the state's status as a top cranberry producer. Craft breweries, focusing on local ingredients, are turning to cranberries, which flourish in the state's acidic, boggy soil. Toms River Brewing, prioritizing local sourcing, shifts its attention from summer crops like blueberries and peaches to cranberries during this season.

Their cranberry gose, "Winds of Change," is a tart, light-bodied beer, traditionally seasoned with salt and coriander. Brewing with cranberries requires balance to avoid overpowering bitterness. Toms River Brewing adds fresh, crushed cranberries at peak boil, creating a uniquely sour flavor. This limited-production beer is described as approachable and refreshing, making it a fitting and unconventional choice for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Source: New Jersey Monthly