The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), with the theme of "Sharing the Future in a New Era", was held last week from November 5 to 10, 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai.

Dole has been participating for six consecutive years and has further expanded its booth area this year.

Dole brought more than 70 kinds of fruit and vegetables, including Dole Sweetio Banana, Sweetio Pineapple, Avocado, Blueberry, and Thai Perfumed Coconut, to the 6th CIIE.

The 6th CIIE took place in person in Shanghai. Purchasers and other visitors have shown great demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. Representatives from all over the world attended Dole's booth for negotiation. In addition, consumers and domestic purchasing groups from across China, including as far as Neimenggu, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang, were present.

Dole Fresh Produce Group President Makoto Sawanoi participated in CIIE for the first time, attending the opening ceremony of the 6th CIIE and related activities.

Mr. Sawanoi delivered a speech at the Round Table Meeting: "We hope that China can continue to maintain such a high level of trade openness and take advantage of 'The Belt and Road' initiative to have the opportunity to introduce more countries' high-quality nutritious fruits to China, enriching choices for Chinese consumers and also helps local people to generate income. Dole has been committed to fruit nutrition research. We will actively cooperate with China's government to promote the high nutritional value of fruit and vegetable diets, increase the proportion of fruits in people's daily diets, and enable consumers to eat more healthily. "

He continued: "The Belt and Road" Initiative promotes high-quality development of the industry. As one of "The Belt and Road" co-construction enterprises, Dole has introduced more than 100 fruit and vegetable products from "The Belt and Road" co-construction countries in the past ten years and is looking forward to exporting China's high-quality fruits to more co-construction countries in the future".

Dole's Golden Puyat Durian and Minions Pack Papaya have global launch on CCTV
Dole Golden Puyat Durian from Southeast Asia, was newly introduced to China in 2023. With the improvement of living standard of Chinese people and the upgrading of domestic consumption and demand, durian is popular in China for its rich nutrition and unique flavor.

According to the estimated data, durian in China will soon reach 100 billion market. Dole Golden Puyat Durian, grown in Davao in The Philippines, has golden flesh and sweetness. With the launch of Dole Golden Puyat Durian, domestic consumers can enjoy the taste of durian as Musang King quality at the affordable price of Monthong Durian.

Dole has recently joined hands with the international IP Minions to launch the first Minions-pack Papaya, bringing the "invisible Vitamin C powerhouse" papaya to lead a new trend in nutritious fruits. The Vitamin C content of one papaya is equal to that of three kiwis. Dole Golden Puyat durians and Minions-pack Papayas are exhibited at CIIE for the first time and appeared on CCTV Global Launch Stage.

"Fruit to leather"
Dole is cooperating with SynMetabio, a synthetic biomaterials developer to recycle the defective and substandard fruits that are eliminated from its daily processing due to high quality requirements and mix them with fungal mycelium as a nutrient source. After a series of cultivation and fermentation, we cultivate high-quality mycelium and use it to make 100% biobased eco-leather.

Dole remains optimistic about the CIIE and the Chinese market
China is the most important market for Dole in Asia. Dole continues to be optimistic about the Chinese market, the development of CIIE, and the benefits it will bring to Dole. Dole has already signed a contract to join in the 7th CIIE. Dole will continue to invest into the Chinese market and further enrich the fruit categories for Chinese consumers.