In a recent study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, researchers looked at the associations between avocado consumption and diabetes risk.

In a recent study, researchers evaluated the association between avocado consumption and Type 2 diabetes risk. Several metabolomic examinations were used to determine whether habitual avocado intake and its associated metabolites may reduce fasting glucose and insulin levels, thereby lowering T2D risk.

Modest associations were observed between participant-reported avocado consumption and fasting insulin; however, these associations were not statistically significant when controlling for participant body mass index (BMI). Three metabolomic spectral features strongly and significantly correlated with reduced fasting glucose and insulin rates. Since these features were highly intra-correlated, they were combined into a single avocado biomarker.

The derived avocado biomarker showed a strong and significant association with reduced T2D risk, even after accounting for sociodemographic factors, anthropometric measurements, health behaviors, including smoking and alcohol consumption, and measures of adiposity, including BMI.