On 4 October, the collaboration between Royal FruitMasters and GREEFA was further confirmed. This was done during Fruit Attraction in Madrid, where FruitMasters' Adriaan Vis and GREEFA's Jan Nijland shook hands on the important contribution GREEFA will make to FruitMasters' ambitious Master Plan.

Automation, robotisation and centralisation of all activities within one closed environment are central to this plan. The plan will be partly realised within the SIG&F programme. GREEFA is very proud to contribute to this plan and hopes to continue its fruitful collaboration with FruitMasters into the future.

GREEFA is a specialist in sorting and packing of hard fruit and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in Italy. This is where the world's most advanced pre-sorting lines are located, and similar technologies will soon be found at the packing station in Geldermalsen, Netherlands. These include state-of-the-art measurement systems for external and internal quality determination, traceability and data, as well as innovations in hygiene and sustainable use of water and electricity.

Sustainability is central to the solutions offered and realised within the Master Plan. This includes; At the beginning of the sorting process, apples are cleaned with a special unit, ensuring improved fruit quality.

Efficient filtration and reuse of water with specific modifications to the water channels. Key components of the sorting line are made of stainless steel for hygiene and easy cleaning. These modifications facilitate the cleaning process.

Wherever possible, processes in the sorting and packaging process have been automated. In response to future labour market challenges, FruitMasters is investing heavily in the development of automated solutions.

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