The new season of Chinese-produced avocados has begun to enter the market. It is reported that thanks to good weather, avocado production and quality have improved this year. Yunnan is still the main avocado-producing area in China. The main cultivated variety is Hass. In recent years, the planting area has gradually expanded, and the growth and fruit-bearing progress is satisfactory. In addition, a small amount of planting has begun in Hainan, Guangxi and other places.

Hainan Nanyuan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. mainly grows and sells tropical fruits. It has bases in Hainan and Yunnan and 13 distribution centers across the country. Mr. Liu Chengxin, from the company, said that he is optimistic about the prospects of China's avocado market, especially ready-to-eat avocados. The company's avocado base in Yunnan already bore fruit last year, and its output has doubled this year. The ripening function of the company's warehouse helps develop ready-to-eat avocados.

“The advantage of domestically produced avocados is that they have higher dry matter content and can ripen on the trees. By comparison, the dry matter content of imported avocados is 19%-20%, while domestically produced avocados can reach 25%-26%. Due to long-distance transportation, imported avocados are picked when they are 70% ripe. However, domestic avocados can arrive at the market within 24-48 hours, so they are picked when they are 90% or above ripe, resulting in a higher dry matter content. In terms of tree-ripened and ready-to-eat fruits, domestically produced avocados have advantages." Liu explained.

Talking about the opportunities and challenges of growing avocados in China, Liu said: "Domestic avocados are on the market at the end of September and early October, which is staggered with the Peruvian avocado production season. In terms of planting, Yunnan production areas sometimes encounter hail and strong winds, but the climate is generally ideal. Domestic avocado production has only been for a short time, and the planting management has not yet been standardized, and we still need to accumulate technical experience, but the prospects are bright."

At present, more and more imported avocados are allowed to enter the Chinese market, and the volume is increasing. Domestic avocado production is also increasing year by year, and the market competition is becoming more intense. Regarding this, Liu believes that the domestic avocado market has huge room for development, and with the innovation of production technology, he believes that China's avocado market will grow rapidly.

"In the past two years, avocado-based drinks have become very popular, which not only increases avocado consumption but also serves as a promotion. In addition, as more companies enter the market, attention to technological innovation and consumer experience is increasing. In the future, with the continuous promotion of ready-to-eat and tree-ripened avocados, consumers will increase their repurchase after recognizing the taste, and the cost of avocados will decrease, which will be conducive to market growth. We have noticed that the domestic avocado market is doubling every year. "

Hainan Nanyuan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. The fruits include avocado, mango, yellow pitaya, pepino melon, cherry tomato, Thai pomelo, jackfruit and durian. The total area of the orchard is over 600 hectares, and the sales channels are mainly high-end supermarkets and fruit chain stores.

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