European exporters deliver seed potatoes all over the world contributing towards food security and healthy diets. However, the 2023 growing season was especially challenging for seed potato growers and this will undoubtfully have an impact on deliveries for the coming export season (2023 -2024).

Europatat members have reported that due to cold weather and continued rain, the planting of seed potatoes has been delayed in many European countries by four to five weeks or in some cases even longer. Another challenge of 2023 is the reduction in the acreage dedicated to seed potatoes. The North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG) have issued their press release where they estimated the decrease in seed area by around 5000 ha. only for the Netherlands and France together.

Europatat members anticipate that the 2023 season will result in a shortage of seed potatoes not only in total volume (especially in seed sizes 28 -55 mm) but also regarding certain classes (E class, which is mostly required by importing countries) and varieties.