Silver Ventures announced the sale of NatureSweet®. Blue Road Capital, an independent investment firm focused on vertically integrated food and agricultural business, has acquired NatureSweet, capitalizing on the strength of the brand and convinced of its growth potential.

Under Silver Ventures, NatureSweet, founded in 1990, produced branded snacking tomatoes and also produced greenhouse-grown peppers and cucumbers. The company’s commitment to improving standards within the agricultural industry has led to it becoming a notable Controlled Environment Agricultural company that has achieved Fair Trade Certification, Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) Certification, and B Corp Certification.

“NatureSweet was built on a vision of agricultural workers ‘who look up,’” says Kit Goldsbury, chairman of Silver Ventures. “Everyone is proud to have been a part of our associates’ journey to not only transform their own lives but also to be a force in the transformation of the industry.”

Blue Road is committed to accelerating the growth behind investing in vertical integration and innovation and further expanding into new distribution channels.

“We are confident in Blue Road’s ability to lead NatureSweet into a promising future,” says Bryant Ambelang, CEO of Silver Ventures and former executive chairman of NatureSweet. “They understand the value of this company lies in its people and are committed to the principles of growing the produce through transforming the lives of agricultural workers. NatureSweet is transitioning into capable and caring hands.”

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