On the 25th of October, Dalival and its IFO research and development station will present their new Tonik and Canopy apple varieties, as well as their latest M200 rootstock innovation, at the IFO site in Seiches sur le Loir.

According to Thierry Ligonnière, managing director of Dalival, “these innovations can bring a great deal” to the sector. The company has therefore taken the decision “to make them accessible to as many people as possible across a very wide territory.”

Tonik variety: “long shelf life and unique taste”
The Tonik has “a sparkling taste and excellent storage capacity at normal cold temperatures.” This two-tone variety is the latest innovation of IFO's varietal creation program. “Orchard management is facilitated by a productive tree with a good level of tolerance to main diseases and pests.”

Tonik C.O.V.* / © Dalival

Canopy variety: “Resistance to scab that defies the Granny Smith”
Winner of the Sival d'Or innovation award in 2023, the Canopy apple is also a product of IFO's breeding program. “Acidic and crisp, but with a higher sugar content than the Granny Smith, the Canopy variety stands out for its Rvi6 scab resistance gene. Its genetic profile makes it a good pollinator in most situations.

Canopy C.O.V.* / © Dalival

M200: “the solution to lack of vigor and productivity”
“A cross between Ottawa 3 and Robusta 5 at the NIAB EMR station in East Malling (UK), this rootstock is 15% more vigorous than M9 and produces 20-30% more than M9. It is tolerant to phytophtora and performs very well in terms of soil fatigue. It can be used to replace M9, for replanting, in organic orchards or for less vigorous varieties.”

“The Tonik and Canopy varieties meet real demands from both growers and consumers,” explains Gaëtan Cottier, technical manager of IFO - Dalival. “The Tonik has exceptional shelf-life and less treatment is needed in the orchard for the Canopy. Both varieties also have easy-to-manage trees and superior taste qualities. As for M200, it completes Dalival's range of rootstocks, with a level of vigor that makes it ideal for situations where G11 is not enough.”

The presentation will take place on the 25th of October at 9:30 am at the IFO site of Seiches sur le Loir.

The day’s program includes

9:30am - 10am: coffee reception

10am - 12pm: varietal presentations by groups

12pm - 1:30pm: refreshments and discussions with speakers

Registration here.

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