The International Pink Lady Alliance NPC (IPLA) successfully concluded their 22nd annual conference, held on 4 and 5 September 2023 in Hong Kong.

From left to right : Juan Martin Rosauer, Calla du Toit, Peter Richardson, Jon Durham (front),Didier Crabos (back), Philippe Toulemonde (front), Rob Meihuizen (back) & Felipe Casanova.

The IPLA (a non-profit company), is a formal alliance of the key role-players in the global Pink Lady® business and was founded in 2001. For more than 20 years the IPLA has played a significant role in the
development of the international Pink Lady business.

Members of the alliance are akin to a large international family, all very passionate about the successful development of Pink Lady apples This year’s conference brought together participants from Argentina, Chile, Europe, South Africa, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. 30 dedicated company managers and industry professionals from across the IPLA network, were present for a conference focused on fostering a positive outlook for the future, as well as continuous improvement to strengthen the global Pink Lady business.

The conference provided a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and industry engagement, as a diverse range of workshop sessions and panel discussions transpired. IPLA member territory report presentations, showcasing the past season’s production and marketing activities for each country, was a further highlight for the group.

Attendees also had the opportunity to engage with the Pink Lady brand owner, Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL). Management representatives, as well as global project team leaders (who
spearhead the continuous improvement and development of global Pink Lady brand operations and strategies), provided feedback and insights into the work being done to advance the brand’s value
and growth. Feedback was also provided with regards to the Selected Market Supply Program (SMSP) focused on growing developing markets.

IPLA member representatives.

Additionally, two dinner events provided the opportunity for attendees to connect socially and further enhance their professional networks.
The IPLA Executive would like to extend their gratitude to all the presenters and attendees who contributed to the success of this event. “We are delighted by the good turnout to this year’s
conference” said Jon Durham, IPLA Chairman. “After challenging Covid-19 pandemic years, the Pink Lady brand has had a strong market recovery in 2023, enjoying its usual premium positioning in
traditional markets.”

He also affirmed that he was ... “encouraged by very positive and comprehensive discussion by members, focusing on the future and ongoing development of the Pink Lady brand in existing and developing markets. The IPLA looks forward to building on this momentum and enjoying continued collaborative success”.

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