The Flemish Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM) was recently wholly focused on promoting Belgian food products in Vietnam. That was during a trade mission led by Minister President Jan Jambon. From September 10 - 16, some 40 business leaders and export managers represented Flemish exporting companies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Kipco Damaco, Bens, Debra Meat, BelOrta, Bel’Export, and VLAM representatives.

Vietnam's economy is thriving and has come out of the pandemic strong. With a population of 100 million, it is a large market with many potential consumers. The demand for more exotic products is rising along with many Vietnamese' level of prosperity. Belgium can respond to that with its quality agri-food products.

Belgian fresh fruit exports to Vietnam, just like the European Union, primarily concern apples and pears. Belgium exports few apples to Vietnam. But several European countries, with France, Poland, and the Netherlands in the lead, fare far better. Overall, in 2022, the EU exported 10,000 tons of apples to Vietnam.

And, although Vietnam imports only 115 tons of pears, 97 tons of that comes from Belgium. So, it is, by far, the most important supplier, with an 85% share in 2022. France and the Netherlands, too, export some pears to Vietnam.

Fruit and vegetable cooperative BelOrta and top fruit exporter Bel’Export participated in the mission. They saw demand for Belgian apples and that the Vietnamese are willing to pay well for quality imported fruit.

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