Since pecan nut producers in Rio Grande do Sul started meeting the requirements needed for export, the sector has increasingly tried to unite over the goal of selling abroad. Thus, an initial group of five producers formed a consortium and, last year, sold a 25-ton shipment of the fruit to the Middle East. For 2023, the group has expanded and is set to close the year with sales exceeding 100 tons.

In addition to the Middle Eastern buyer, who placed a repeat order, an Asian buyer has also acquired the pecans produced in Rio Grande do Sul. For the former, two 25-ton containers were negotiated, while the latter secured two 26-ton containers.

The success of the consortium is encouraging for producers who rely on overseas sales for a stable price of $4.50 per kilogram for the Barton variety and $4.30 per kilogram for the fruit mix (CIF mode, where the seller or shipper is responsible for the freight cost until delivery to the customer). In the domestic market, apart from being lower, currently around R$ 14, the price is volatile and has reached R$ 16 per kilogram this year.