Despite temperatures that are still extremely summery at times, the stone fruit season is now nearing its end, as Enrique Pedros-Frank tells us. "We still have peaches, nectarines and Paraguayos from Spain available, which we can still offer for about a week. Demand for Paraguayos this year has been much more subdued than in previous years. I suspect that consumers are oversaturated, so to speak. That's because a few years ago there was a lot of hype about Paraguayos, after which the supply on the market increased. It's just nothing special anymore." At the start of the season, he says, Paraguayos were still high-priced, with the price dropping relatively quickly, which Pedros-Frank attributes to subdued demand.

Pedros-Frank sources peaches, nectarines and Paraguayos from the Lleida region. "We receive about five tons of nectarines and peaches per week. Demand for peaches and nectarines has been good. Due to weather conditions in Spain, we did not have complete quantities available in the meantime, but we did not experience any quality problems. We always had commercial class I qualities available." His customers include wholesalers, weekly market traders and the food service industry in the Nuremberg area.

Start of the Spanish citrus season in early/mid-October
Although there would already be the first satsumas from Spain, the wholesaler himself offers them only later. "The quality of Spanish satsumas has not yet convinced us. At the moment, we offer Nadorcott and Tango from South America and South Africa, for example. At 30 degrees, however, the demand for citrus is rather low. We switch to Spanish produce in early/mid-October."

Photos: Früchte Pedros

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