"We want to revolutionize how harvesters are conceived. Our new Supreme line is dedicated to companies that need to work in an intensive manner and that want to increase the efficiency of the harvesting process. The new line was created to meet the needs of one of our partners, specialized in fresh-cut produce with three facilities, that required machines that hastened harvesting operators," reports Alberico Durso, co-founder of Dari Ecomeccanica. The Supreme line is available in two main models depending on the type of harvesting to be carried out: baby leaves or herbaceous salads such as lamb's lettuce.

Already presented at Eima 2022, this new line was developed and patented by Dari Ecomeccanica and is suitable for intensive productions destined for the fresh-cut industry grown in both open fields and greenhouses.

"The machines boast many accessories with a supporting monocoque frame and a shaker with a 3 m double shaft integrated directly in the frame. The cutting and harvesting system is retractable, meaning that when the machine is not in use, it folds, reducing the dimensions of the machine and, thus, the maneuvering space. This is a considerable advantage because it means aligning maneuvers are easier. The Supreme range guarantees accurate and very reliable cuts."

Machines are equipped with a side conveyor that can be controlled remotely or with the possibility of selecting a second operator. The seat is central and overlooks the cutting and harvesting system.

"This structural characteristic has two advantages: it is ergonomic for operators, and it improves visibility, so drivers can assess the cut and product quality. Another characteristic that must not be overlooked is the speed (up to 6 km/h), meaning it can carry out the work of at least two traditional machines."

Supreme machines are equipped with a dual camera to enable operators to monitor both cutting and unloading operations at the same time. The latter system features an air cleaning system of the conveyor, which prevents produce loss and keeps the conveyor clean.

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