The apple harvest is about to begin for Nova Scotia growers. Janet Chappel, of CAP Farms in Grafton, who is also president of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association: “This is like our favourite time of the year because we’re starting to pick the apples that we work to grow all year. But it’s also hurricane season.”

Ms Chappel added that the outlook is for a good season. While some Annapolis Valley farms had already begun picking some early varieties, Chappel said she expected her family’s farm would begin picking in mid-September with Honeycrisp, which accounts for more than 70 per cent of their apples. They also have other varieties like Ambrosia, Pazazz and Red Prince. She said they were hoping the farm can get all the apples picked without any hurricanes or hail and no more rain.

However, Hurricane Lee is expected to impact the Maritimes this weekend. Rain and wind are expected to begin late Friday evening and into Saturday morning in southwestern Nova Scotia.