Ukrainian nuts were cheaper due to high harvest and export challenges in September 2023. A kilogram of walnuts now costs around 4.77 EUR, compared to 5.64 EUR in September 2022. Almonds have also become more affordable, going from 8.5 EUR to 6.9 EUR per kilogram, while the price of hazelnuts remains unchanged at 8.15 EUR/kg.

Ukraine ranks fourth in global walnut production, with an annual volume of 131,000 tons. Hazelnuts are grown on only 2,000 hectares in Ukraine. Nevertheless, forecasts suggest that this sector could significantly expand over the next 2–3 years, increasing production from the current 4,000-4,500 tons to around 6,000 tons.

The largest hazelnut-consuming countries are Germany and Italy, and next are Turkey, France, and China. China is the largest consumer of walnuts by a significant margin, followed by the United States, with European countries coming next. The largest consumers of almonds are the USA, India, Germany, and Italy, with Germany, Spain, Italy, and France among the top European consumers of shelled almonds.

The top five importers of shelled hazelnuts include Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Poland, while for hazelnuts in shell, the top importers are Italy, Spain, and Germany. Shelled walnuts are primarily imported by Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, while in-shell walnuts are imported mainly by Italy, Spain, and Germany.

These countries represent potential markets for Ukrainian nut exports. According to experts, Ukraine has the potential to become a nut exporter, but farmers are just beginning to develop this direction. Currently, 95% of walnut production in Ukraine comes from individual households.

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