"We're excited to unveil the latest developments in vertical farming, proudly brought to you by us. While certain constraints have previously limited the range of crops in indoor vertical farms, our dedicated team has been diligently exploring new horizons," the Sananbio team shares.


Sananbio, a supplier of vertical farming equipment and solutions, recently finished a thorough product R&D trial. The team introduces three new crops that have been successfully cultivated within its vertical farm: watermelon, cucumber, and sweet bell peppers.


"Through meticulous research and experimentation, the R&D team has adeptly mastered the challenges of the controlled environment, resulting in the production of flavorful and nutritious yields. This accomplishment underscores our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and innovative prowess."

Sweet peppers

The team added, "We are perpetually exploring advanced technologies and methods that propel agriculture towards heightened eco-friendliness and efficiency."

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