The unseasonal rain in India did indeed damage some of the crops, but many of the cultivation areas haven’t been affected as much, says Manoj Barai, general manager for Indian fresh produce exporter MK Exports: “The current mango season looks very promising as this year's demand is very good compared to last year. The weather has impacted the mango season due to unseasonal rainfall, which in turn affects the quality of mangoes and also it delays the crop cycle. That being said, the majority of the areas where mangos grow are still safe and good to go for the export season.”

Demand for the mangoes from India is getting stronger now that the weather is improving, Barai states. “At the moment the demand is picking up as weather is improving and ideal for mangoes selling. We see lots of demand for Alphonso mango and Kesar mango this year. Weekly we are shipping 35 to 40 tons of mangoes. Our main markets are U.K, Germany, Sweden, Canada. However, we’re also trying to enter new markets this season, such as USA, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, as well as some Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.”

Barai is confident they’ll reach the goals that have been set in terms of export volumes this year: “We have a goal to achieve a minimum 750 tons to 800 tons of mango exports. So far we have done 230 tons, with two more months remaining in the season. We expect export volumes to grow more in the months of May and June. Our general expectations for the coming few weeks are that the demand will continue to grow every week, with good availability of mangoes. I also think the prices will be cheaper compared to previous months. We hope to achieve our expected target by the end of June,” he concludes.

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