The Sady Dnipra company was the first Ukrainian company to develop an offer of apples custom-designed for the market of Uzbekistan.

“Although this year we have no problems with sales of apples at good prices, thanks to the high demand for our products in the UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia, we noted growing interest for Ukrainian apples from Uzbekistan. Having studied this market, we found that most suppliers from Ukraine, Moldova and Poland offer relatively low-quality apples for this market, often sending there apples which do not meet EU standards."

"We decided to select especially for Uzbekistan only large apples of the best internationally recognized varieties, which are ideally sorted by color and packaged in accordance with the most stringent requirements of retail chains at a fair price,” says Olexander Pakhno, director of the Sady Dnipra company.

The uniqueness of this offer is that these apples are ideal for both retail chains and wholesale trade, since all processes of growing, post-harvest handling, and storing apples in the company are controlled using the latest technological advances and under the supervision of the leading international experts in these areas.

Accordingly, with such an apple there will be no problems either during transportation or with sales. Proof of this is that apples from Sady Dnipra have been successfully supplied and sold for several years to countries as distant from Ukraine as Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and even the Maldives and countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.

"We grow only the best internationally recognized and demand varieties, such as: Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Pinova and Fuji. Thanks to the ideal climate for apples in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, with a large number of sunny days in summer, high day length from May to August, almost complete absence of precipitation, rich soils and very cool nights, our apples always have premium color and excellent taste. In addition, thanks to cold winters and a dry climate, the need for protection against pests and diseases is much lower in our country than, for example, in Poland and other EU countries."

"Moreover, thanks to the use of weather stations and other digital technologies for pest and disease control, we ensure the maximum purity of our apples, which meets the requirements of the world’s most stringent buyers,” says Olexander Pakhno."

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