As she presented the 2024 Public Budget in the Congress of the Republic, Jennifer Conteras, head of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagri), stated that various fruits from Peru will enter new markets next year.

Specifically, aguaymanto and pitahaya will enter the United States market, while bananas will reach China. The Peruvian mandarin will be destined for Vietnam and New Zealand, and the turmeric will be destined for the United States, Granda, Mexico, and China.

Meanwhile, the avocado and grapes will be exported to Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador (the country also plans to send pepper to these destinations).

2024 Budget
The minister also announced that it would end the year with a 95.4% budget execution level. By 2024, resources amounting to S/ 2,720 million will be allocated to various programs.

These include 318 investments in irrigation infrastructure (S/ 312 million), 40 investments in agricultural productive development (S/ 168.9 million), eight investments in coastal defenses (S/ 313.3 million), and nine investments in agricultural innovation (S/ 106.9 million).

Regarding political strategies, Contreras stated that they had allocated S/ 255.5 million for the preparation and response to El NiƱo, S/ 81.3 million of which would be destined for the acquisition of 250 machinery; S/ 80 million for the implementation of the Catastrophic Agricultural Insurance (SAC) to protect 1.9 million hectares from climatic events; S/ 31.1 million for the delivery of 43,233 agricultural and livestock kits, and S/ 63.1 million for 5,640 sheds and fitotoldo greenhouses.

It also unveiled measures to strengthen water security through irrigation infrastructure works and water harvesting planting. In the first case, 153 investments are contemplated (40,111 beneficiary families and 123,631 hectares), while the second case includes 250 qochas (reservoirs) benefitting 7,800 families and 3,500 agricultural hectares.