A team of European researchers has looked into the role of blackcurrant extracts in reducing blood sugar or glycemic levels after meals and investigated whether fruit fiber can enhance this effect. Their results indicate that while blackcurrant reduces glycemic levels immediately after meals, higher doses are no more effective than lower doses, and fruit fibers do not augment the effect.

People who regularly experience elevated levels of blood glucose after meals, also known as high postprandial glycemia, are at a higher risk of developing T2D as well as certain heart diseases. Dietary adjustments, particularly by including polyphenols and fruit fibers such as pectins, may reduce postprandial glycemia and promote glycemic control in the long term. Scientists believe this is because polyphenols slow the rate at which glucose is absorbed into the blood, and fruit fibers slow the rate at which the stomach empties.

Despite the limitations, this study provides interesting insights and avenues for further research. A key priority for future work is moving beyond healthy populations and exploring the role of polyphenols in reducing blood glucose.

Source: news-medical.net