Crawford Packaging is pleased to announce its new partnership and distribution agreement in Central Mexico with StePacPPC, a global leader in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solutions for shelf life extension of fresh produce. StePacPPC’s products are changing fresh produce packaging by naturally altering gas composition and controlling moisture within the packaging, creating an environment that extends the produce shelf life, preserves freshness, and reduces spoilage in the supply chain.

The partnership between Crawford Packaging and StePacPPC builds upon an already well-established cooperation between the two companies in Canada. This joint collaboration in the Central Mexican market is a testament to their shared dedication to bringing value-added solutions to the produce marketplace.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with StePacPPC in Mexico,” said Xavier Peña, General Manager of the Produce Division at Crawford Packaging. “This collaboration will allow us to offer a wider range of innovative packaging solutions to our Mexican customers and further strengthen our position as a trusted industry partner.”

With a focus on extending the shelf life of products such as cucumbers, berries, peppers, mushrooms and avocados, Crawford Packaging and StePacPPC are fully committed to advancing the capabilities of MAP technology in Mexico, ensuring that businesses across the region can benefit from longer-lasting, higher-quality produce.

“We are delighted to expand on our established partnership with Crawford Packaging, a company known for its dedication to customer satisfaction and unmatched industry knowledge,” said Rani Kadosh, VP of Sales and Marketing at StePacPPC. “Together, we aim to bring the benefits of MAP packaging to more businesses in Mexico, helping them enhance their product quality, reduce waste and ultimately drive greater success in the marketplace.”

Food waste stands as one of the most pressing global challenges, with far-reaching environmental and social implications. By utilizing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology and enhancing shelf-life performance, there exists a valuable opportunity to effectively address and mitigate this critical issue.

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