As consumers continue looking for unique snacking options, Pure Flavor®’s innovation pipeline is yielding fresh results.

The Tiki Tomatoes™, a cosmic-colored, tropically sweet and juicy cherry tomato, and Oronai™ Sweet Charentais Melons, a personal-sized French-inspired melon that is the third greenhouse-grown melon in the grower-shippers program, are the latest new products from the greenhouse fruit and vegetable brand. Both products will be unveiled at the upcoming IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show in Anaheim, California, October 19-21.

The tomatoes received the Superior Taste Award Certification from the International Taste Institute. Photo: Pure Flavor © 2023

“We continue to invest in R&D to bring items to market that create niche and incremental opportunities to help retail and foodservice partners grow their business. The flavor profile of the Tiki Tomato checks all the boxes of what a snacking tomato is all about sweet, bite-sized, versatile, and full of Flavor,” said Matt Mastronardi, executive vice president.

The tomatoes recently received the Superior Taste Award Certification from the International Taste Institute (Brussels, Belgium). The reviewing jury critically tested and analyzed the Tiki Tomato, highlighting characteristics such as a crisp, crunchy skin that contrasts well with its soft flesh and an impressive visual appearance.

Pure Flavor is also launching its third greenhouse-grown melon at the IFPA show--the Oronai Sweet Charentais Melon, a small, fragrant French-inspired fruit known for its sweet, juicy, and floral-infused flesh. “When we launched our Solara® Mini Galia and Alonna™ Canary Melons, the next melon in line was already in trial to ensure it could be grown at scale and in a controlled environment,” said Mastronardi.

The melon is known for its sweet, juicy, and floral-infused flesh. Photo: Pure Flavor © 2023

Oronai Charentais melons, hailing from the Charente region of France, are an heirloom variety. Greenhouse-grown and weighing approximately 850-900gr, Oronai’s are personal in size, round, and feature a finely netted, fragrant skin. Inside, Oronai’s orange flesh offers a combination of sweetness and floral notes.

This year, Pure Flavor has been on a growth path with new products, new farms, and distribution centers. The acquisitions of DeTemporada Farms, Cervini Farms C5, and most recently, MightyVine® have strategically added key acreage to its family of growers. It’s also opened a second distribution center in Texas (McAllen).

“Being in tune with consumer trends is key to our brand and product development. Earlier this year, we surveyed thousands of consumers as part of our #LoveForFresh campaign, with more than 90 percent of consumers noting that convenience is the most important factor when looking for a healthy snack option–our new products are dialed right into that”, said Chris Veillon, chief marketing officer.

Both new products will be on display at booth #1545.

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