Watermelons are being sold at Coles for $4.50 a kilo. Woolworths is selling the fruit for $3.90 per kilo, with prices varying slightly from state to state. Domestic suppliers are putting the high prices down to a shortage of the fruit caused by irregular weather patterns in the Northern Territory. Luckily, prices are expected to come down as supply increases when more fruit starts to arrive from northern Queensland.

A Coles spokesperson said the supermarket expects to see a strong season on quality and an abundant volume of Australian stone fruit and mangoes in the coming months. "There is plenty to look forward to as we come into summer," the spokesperson said. "As the weather starts to improve, we know our customers are looking for great value fruit to enjoy. We have some great specials for our customers at the moment on tomatoes, cucumbers, berries and citrus."

Source: 9news.com.au