Kwik Lok introduces Enviro-Lok, the new polypropylene bag closure made to keep products safe and fresh, while also delivering a better potential for recycling. Kwik Lok will feature the Enviro-Lok at the Global Floral and Produce Show in Anaheim, California (USA) October 19-21, booth #3331 and at the International Bakery Association show in Munich (Germany) October 22-26 in Hall B1, booth #111.

The Enviro-Lok has the added benefit of 34 percent less plastic than the standard Kwik Lok closure.

The closure offers the same strength and reliability that goes with the Kwik Lok name. It has the added benefits of 34 percent less plastic than the standard Kwik Lok closure, 67 percent less water and 44 percent less carbon emissions emitted. It also runs on the current Kwik Lok machines.

Customers may also choose the new ultrasonic welded labels, offered only with the Enviro-Lok, for branding, tracking and traceability. These labels are made from the same material as the Enviro-Lok and thanks to the ultrasonic weld technology, remove the sticky adhesives. This makes closure even more prepared for recycling. In all, a packaging solution where all the elements are made with one material, like polypropylene, makes it easier for the consumer to recycle with confidence.

The closure also runs on the current Kwik Lok machines.

“Enviro-Lok makes it easier for our customers and the consumer to support a circular economy. Kwik Lok continues to invest in materials science so we can have packaging that keeps food fresh and safe and can be reused,” said Viktoria Pakhnyuk, Ph.D., sustainable product development manager.

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