The U.S. Department of Agriculture has published a report on global trade in stone fruits, with particular attention given to fruits produced in Turkey and their import into Russia. Currently, Russia continues to be the leading international importer of peaches and nectarines, accounting for nearly 40% of the world's imports.

Analysts expect that peach and nectarine production in Turkey will reach one million tons. The acreage of peach orchards has remained unchanged over the past ten years, but due to a more quality-focused approach to cultivation and the inclusion of high-quality varieties, the volume of fruit produced has started to increase.

Due to increased demand for nectarines, some peach orchards are being requalified. It is anticipated that domestic consumption of these fruits in Turkey will decrease somewhat because exports to foreign markets, especially Russia, Iraq, and EU countries, are expected to rise. Currently, exports from Turkey have increased by 11,000 tons (reaching 215,000 tons), marking the fourth consecutive year of increase.

Experts predict that Russian imports of peaches and nectarines will remain unchanged at approximately 315,000 tons due to stable supplies from Turkey.

Regarding cherry shipments, the growth of their exports from Turkey could reach 75,000 tons. Currently, Russia holds the second position in cherry imports, trailing only behind China.