Mango production is just starting to transition growing regions.

Mexico: Gary Clevenger of Freska Produce says it’s just finishing up with product out of Mexico and it should have supply from there through next week most likely. “If it doesn’t rain too much in the Los Mochis region where the final harvest is in, it’ll run through the end of September. This year the rain wasn’t that bad so they’re able to go a little bit longer,” he says, noting it’s currently shipping Keitt mangos which are seeing strong demand.

Brazil: “We’re already importing from Brazil on the East Coast. Brazil mostly ships Tommy Atkins though they have some other varieties too,” says Clevenger.

Ecuador and Peru: Ecuador will begin shipping yellow Ataulfos in the next few weeks and those will head to the West Coast. “Reds will get started out of Ecuador late this year. We’re anticipating shipping around the middle of October but no real volume until the first part of November,” he says. “ We’re hearing lower volumes out of Ecuador and Peru this year--a lot less volume compared to last year though we’re not sure how much yet. It’s weather-related. We’re still waiting to see if El Niño is going to affect harvest this year in Ecuador and Peru and there could be the possibility of interrupting harvest if that comes into play.”

Fueling demand
As for demand, while it’s steady right now, Clevenger anticipates strong demand given supply is anticipated to be lower. That means pricing will probably stay on the higher end, at least until Mexico begins production again with Ataulfo mangos in January. “Pricing right now is a bit higher than last year at this time for Mexico but right around the same for Brazilian offshore product. Last year you had a lot higher import costs and this year the costs have gone down a little bit,” he says.

Meanwhile, Freska Produce continues to slowly expand its dried mango program by approximately 10 percent a year. It’s packing a few million lbs. of dried mangos right now and also under its own Freska label.

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