With most of the 2023 crop harvested, growers and agriculture officials say Bartletts, Boscs and Anjous remain the three dominant types of pears grown in the Yakima Valley. However, a few specialty pears such as Comice, Seckel, Forelle and Concorde have made their way into area orchards.

Planting has started on some of the newer varieties. Pear trees grow more slowly and take longer to get established, so the results will be slower to come than with apples.

Organic pears also are a growing sector of the industry, with about 12.5% of this year’s Northwest pear crop produced and marketed as organic. The state tree fruit association estimates that 15.2 million standard box equivalents (for pears, a 44-pound box) worth of pears will be harvested this year in Washington and Oregon, which he said was “on par” with pear harvests in recent years.

Source: columbian.com