Greenyard held its extraordinary and ordinary general shareholders’ meeting on Friday 15 September 2023, under the chairmanship of Mr Koen Hoffman, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

During the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting shareholders approved the renewal of the Board of Directors’ authorisation to increase the company’s share capital within the framework of the authorised capital and within the legally limited timeframe.

Furthermore, the ordinary shareholders’ meeting adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal for a dividend, renewed the mandates of six directors, appointed KPMG Bedrijfsrevisoren BV as the company’s new statutory auditor, approved a revised remuneration policy, and reflected on the preceding financial year 2022/2023.

Restart of Dividend policy and Renewal of directors’ mandates
The ordinary shareholders’ meeting approved the annual accounts for the financial year ended on 31 March 2023, including a gross dividend of € 0,10 per share. The dividend will be payable on 5 October 2023, with the record date set for 4 October and the ex-dividend date on 3 October 2023.

The mandates of six directors, including independent director Gescon BV, represented by Mr Dirk Van Vlaenderen, were renewed for a four-year term, until the ordinary shareholders’ meeting in 2027. This ensures the continued complementarity and diversity of the current Board of Directors.

As Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren had reached its maximum term as statutory auditor of the company, shareholders appointed KPMG Bedrijfsrevisoren as the company’s new statutory auditor for a three-year term until 2026. Mr Filip De Bock will serve as KPMG’s permanent representative.

A year of unleashing the power of pure-plant food
The Executive Management of Greenyard looked back at the past financial year 2022/2023, and noted the positive results of Greenyard, in difficult macro-economic times with just shy of 8% increase in sales and 0,5% increase in Adjusted EBITDA. The stability and positive growth were achieved thanks to the further expansion of its Integrated Customer Relationships (ICR), higher convenience volumes and more efficiencies in the chain. In a context where, in 2022, the European consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables declined with 10%, Greenyard clearly outperformed the market.

In this respect, Greenyard remains convinced that further consolidation in the market is needed. The company is ready to act as a frontrunner in this consolidation, to the benefit of its customers, consumers and the chain.

It continues to look for new innovative products that appeal to end-consumers and will stimulate them to enjoy more fruit and vegetable consumption moments. A recent example of this is Greenyard’s acquisition in Gigi Gelato, a pure-plant gelato, which could be tasted by the attending shareholders.

Greenyard confirms its outlook for sales of € 4,9bn and an Adjusted EBITDA between € 175 and 180m by March 2024, and its ambition for its sales and Adjusted EBITDA to organically grow towards € 5,4bn sales and € 200-210m of Adjusted EBITDA by March 2026.

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