The rains recorded in recent days in the Spanish Region of Murcia have coincided with the planting of various crops, including several varieties of fresh aromatic herbs produced by Aromatic Factory and marketed by Freshpania, which handle about 2 million kilos annually.

"All our crops will be ready on their scheduled dates. Fortunately, the rain forecast in our production areas didn't come true; a great relief," said Lorenzo Fernandez, from Freshpania. "We produce 8 varieties of fresh herbs that are present in most of Europe, especially the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, which get the largest volumes."

Freshpania's supply consists of spearmint, coriander, dill, flat parsley, curly parsley, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. "We have a balanced supply for all the varieties we produce. Perhaps we could highlight spearmint as the most stable variety, as it is the only crop we produce all year round."

"Our aromatic herb export campaign in the southeast of the Peninsula runs approximately from week 40 to week 22. It then continues during the summer with some varieties, depending on what's needed by our customers in Europe."

"Based on figures from previous campaigns, we estimate a weekly volume, to which we add an annual growth coefficient calculated internally. This coefficient is based on our sales history, detailed analyses of the sector and our own experience."

"Our firm was created in 2017, merging productive and commercial experience and becoming specialists in aromatic herbs. At this time, we are about to start our seventh season. We have been growing at the same pace as the general consumption of aromatic herbs; however, in the latest season, we have seen a slowdown in the demand due to the influence of external factors. The excessive supply from aromatic producers has been taking a toll on the price levels in recent years. Most of this new supply comes from producers specialized in other categories, who were encouraged to seek an opportunity in an already saturated market."

"We are currently immersed in the expansion of our product catalog, introducing varieties that record lower consumption levels, but which are highly demanded by all retailers in Europe," said Lorenzo.

Aromatic Factory and Freshpania will be present at Fruit Attraction, in Hall 7-stand 7E05A. "We invite all FreshPlaza readers to visit us at our stand."

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