In 2022, the EU’s combined harvested production of muskmelons, watermelons, strawberries, peaches and nectarines was 8.6 million tons, representing a decrease of 6.3% on the level in 2021 (9.2 million tons). This downturn was due to the lower harvested production of muskmelons (-9.5% in 2022) and watermelons (-18.4% in 2022). Indeed, the production of peaches and nectarines increased (+5.6% in 2022), and that of strawberries remained relatively unchanged.

Spain is a key EU producer of summer fruits. It produced nearly half (45.4%) of the EU’s watermelons, almost one third (32.0%) of its muskmelons, and more than one quarter (27.3%) of both its strawberries, and peaches and nectarines (26.9%) in 2022. Likewise, Italy produced just over one third (36.1%) of both the EU’s muskmelons, and peaches and nectarines (35.6%), as well as one quarter (25.6%) of its watermelons.