Although it does not have an Embrapa research center, Rio Grande do Norte is a territory that is home to the development of various technologies through the constant work of five of the company's research units. The company develops a series of actions, including increasing cashew and fruit cultivation. These innovations concentrate the efforts of Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical, Embrapa Semiarid, Embrapa Algodão, Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos and Embrapa Cassava and Fruticulture.

Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical, for example, has developed strategies to strengthen cashew cultivation in Rio Grande do Norte. Among the technologies, dwarf cashew tree clones, cashew nut processing mini-factories and the transfer of management and post-harvest knowledge stand out. In 2022, Embrapa launched the dwarf cashew tree clone BRS 555, adapted for the semi-arid mountain range of RN.

At Embrapa Semiarid, the RN is benefited on two main fronts: the first refers to the integrated management of melon pests, in partnership with Agrícola Famosa, and the second refers to the contribution to the diversification of fruit growing in the State.