EastFruit systematically monitors wholesale prices for coriander, dill, and parsley. You may have noticed strong jumps in the prices in recent weeks in Georgia. The reasons behind these jumps are quite simple, and the market expects the prices to go down in the near future.

According to EastFruit’s monitoring held on August 11, the average wholesale price for coriander in Georgia was five times higher compared to the same week last year. On average, a kilogram was sold for GEL15.00 ($5.70), while a year ago the price was GEL3.00/kg ($1.10/kg). The second highest price for the week throughout EastFruit’s history was observed in 2021 when the average price amounted to GEL7.00/kg ($2.25/kg).

Dynamics for dill prices are exactly the same as that of coriander.

The main reason for the price hike is the unfavorable weather. Coriander and dill harvested in early August and late July had been planted about 1.5 months earlier in June. This harvest was severely affected by rains in the period of plant formation. The latter resulted in reduced yields.

Interestingly, wholesale prices on parsley did not jump as much. According to the latest data, parsley was sold for GEL5.00/kg ($1.90/kg). In the same week last year, the average price stood at GEL3.00/kg ($1.10/kg). Local market players highlight that there is more parsley on the market. One reason is that a single parsley plant can be harvested way more times than coriander and dill. Hence, the market deficit for parsley turned out to be less harsh.

As time goes the harvest from more recent plantings will enter the market. These harvests will be less affected or completely unaffected by the earlier rains. Hence, the prices are expected to reduce. However, even the herbs that were planted a bit later and dodged the negative impact of the rains are stressed by very hot temperatures in the first half of August. Nevertheless, EastFruit got reports that the heat impact will be lesser than that of the rains.

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