The International Blueberry Organization (IBO) is excited to announce the launch of the 2023 Global State of the Blueberry Industry report. The release event will take place via a webinar hosted by editors Cort Brazelton and Colin Fain, who lead the team that produced the report. This live virtual event is set to take place on August 15th, at 2 pm GMT.

The report, a culmination of intensive research and in-depth analysis, continues to evolve and improve. This new edition provides an exploration of the current trends, data and forecasts.

During the webinar, Brazelton and Fain will present a detailed overview of the report, highlighting key findings, important trends and significant conclusions. This session offers a unique opportunity for attendees to gain first-hand insights from the team who led the research and contributed to the report's development.

This new edition of the report provides an exploration of the current trends, data and forecasts.

"In the evolving landscape of the blueberry industry, it's vital that we base our strategies and decisions on reliable data and informed analysis," said Brazelton. "This report presents a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the blueberry industry, its challenges, opportunities and future potential as well as insights on strategies for success."

The webinar will also include a question-and-answer session, giving participants the chance to interact directly with the expert panel. Attendees are encouraged to come with questions as this is an opportunity to clarify uncertainties, gain deeper insights and engage in meaningful conversations about the industry's future.

The IBO is pleased to announce that immediately following the webinar, the full report will be made available to the public through the IBO's website. This move aligns with the IBO's mission to collect and share blueberry information, fostering a common goal of increased worldwide blueberry consumption in all forms.

"The decision to make the report freely available is part of the IBO’s commitment to transparency and informed growth of the industry," added Fain. "We want to empower all stakeholders, from growers to distributors and consumers, with this essential information."

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