The first conference dedicated to the cultivation of cornsalad, organized by Maraldi Sementi, was held in recent weeks at the Vacherie in Brusaporto (Bergamo, Italy), in the heart of the growing area of cornsalad and other important baby leaf crops. Producers, packers and technicians from major Italian companies, as well as four foreign delegations from France, Spain, Portugal and Greece gathered to discuss phytosanitary issues related to valerian.

Foreign delegation visiting

In Italy we estimate a total area sown to cornsalad of 2,500 hectares, concentrated in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, which represent the most important area. Next in importance is the province of Latina, which is characterized by production concentrated in the winter period; crops are also of note in the Padua-Venice and Battipaglia areas.

Cornsalad test field at Az. Tino Bellina

Maraldi offers a complete varietal panorama to cover the entire annual planting calendar. The main commercial varieties, which have gained wide acceptance in recent years among the main Italian producers, were illustrated by Fabrizio Abbondanza.

Dalì is the winter variety suitable for cold periods, with its ability to grow rapidly at low temperatures, it guarantees high yields and has a rosette with beautiful color, large and still very elegant. It has also aroused interest in cultivation in France precisely because of its marked cold tolerance.

Mirò with a medium-early cycle, very dark green, fleshy leaf with pronounced veins. It has a rosette with an assurgent habit that enhances quality and uniformity at harvest. A very plastic variety, used in January-March and October-December sowings, it is Maraldìs flagship variety because of its versatility.


Excel, on the other hand, is characterized by its plasticity in use for long periods of the year. Rouge has a slightly elongated lobed leaf that facilitates harvesting. Genetically tolerant to dormancy so can also be placed in summer. Speed of growth in hot periods allows 1 additional cycle to be grown.

Matisse Medium-late cycle variety with deep green leaf color, rosette plant with very compact structure. The thickness of the leaf make it particularly suitable for summer production.

La novità MSX19011

Among the novelties, the summer variety MSX19011 was presented, which is distinguished by its upright habit, fleshy, round leaf with a thick, fleshy petiole that provides high yields. Also very interesting is the ability to remain in the field for a few days after commercial ripening.

"This event," reads a company note, "confirms Maraldi Sementìs strong commitment to the cornsalad and baby leaf industry, the constant work in close contact with operators, with the aim of providing innovative genetic answers to a highly competitive and constantly evolving sector.

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