While the overall avocado crop remains comparable to last year, there is a noticeable difference in this year’s harvest. “This season has brought a significant increase in smaller fruit from Mexico, making up the majority of the current supply,” says Amanda Horney of London Fruit, which also sources avocados from Peru to fill its year-round program.

Amanda Horney outside a Peruvian avocado grove.

She notes that as the New Year approaches, the shipper is gearing up for promotional volumes being available on fruit sizes 48, 60 and 70-count, though all of that is contingent on favorable weather conditions.

Avocado demand is anticipated to pick up as the New Year approaches.

Avocados and inflation
While demand is anticipated to pick up for avocados, what is of note is that there are more affordable prices on avocados right now compared to 2022 at this time. “This is influenced in part by ongoing inflation in the United States,” she says. “Consumers are eager to maximize their spending power and are finding avocados to be a fantastic value. While we normally see a dip in demand during the fall, we expect a comeback as we approach the New Year.”

There are more affordable prices on avocados right now compared to 2022 at this time.

Also increasingly factoring into consumer demand for products is sourcing criteria. Horney notes that London Fruit collaborates with its growing and packing partners to ensure that socially responsible and ethically sourced avocados make their way to tables across the United States and Canada.

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