In Tajikistan, the Ministry of Agriculture reveals a remarkable increase in fruit production, surpassing last year's yield by 47,000 tons. As of November 20, over 456,000 tons of various fruits have been harvested, with cherries, apricots, apples, plums, and lemons leading the surge in output.

However, this year, not all fruits yielded a harvest. Figs, pomegranates, persimmons, and grapes suffered from the abnormal cold at the beginning of the year, resulting in yields significantly below expectations, according to the ministry.

For instance, while over 154,000 tons of various grape varieties were harvested by this time last year, this year's yield stands at only 84,000 tons, a staggering 45.5% decline.

The export of fresh and dried fruits during this period decreased by $13.4 million compared to the same period last year, totalling $33.6 million. Experts note that the decline is not due to reduced volumes – Tajikistan exported over 83,000 tons of fruits, mirroring the previous year, but rather attributed to the low global fruit prices compared to the previous year.

Lemons, grapes and plums dominate the fresh fruit export market of Tajikistan this year.

Despite global fruit prices being relatively low compared to the previous year, fruit prices in Central Asia, including Tajikistan, have witnessed a significant increase. As of November 20, average fruit prices per kilogram in Tajikistan markets were as follows:

  • Figs: €2.91-3.32
  • Grapes: €2.49-3.32
  • Pomegranates: €1.66-2.91
  • Pears: €1.66-2.08
  • Lemons: €1.24-1.66
  • Apples: €0.66-1.24
  • Persimmons: €0.83-1.66