How can Artificial Intelligence impact the post-harvest of fruits and vegetables and contribute to reducing food losses and waste? Looking into that question will be possible during an expert discussion on November 23rd, starting at 8 am, in São Carlos.

The concepts and paths of Artificial Intelligence will be presented by professors Ricardo Marcondes Marcacini and Solange de Oliveira Rezende, from the Institute of Mathematical and Computing Sciences at USP. The potential of AI in Agriculture and Post-Harvest will be the topic of researcher Jayme Garcia Arnal Barbedo, from Embrapa Digital Agriculture (Campinas – SP).

Aimed mainly at university students, extensionists, researchers, rural producers, agricultural technicians and people who work on the subject, the panel will also present two success stories on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the post-harvest of fruits and vegetables, with the mediation of Professor Alexandre Delbem, from ICMC-USP.