In a shipment of pineapples that were going to be exported to Spain, the Anti-Narcotics Directorate of the Police seized 63 kilos of cocaine hidden in 280 fake fruits. According to the police report, the unusual discovery occurred in the seaport of Cartagena (Bolívar), where the authorities carried out an inspection when detecting anomalies in the seals of a container full of cardboard boxes. The container carried more than 12,000 pineapples.

The officers not only found that inside the 280 pineapples there were 63 kilos of cocaine, but that those particular fruits were also fake. They were made with “fiber material” to pass them off as real. The Police added that so far in 2023 they have seized more than 312 tons of cocaine, of which 14.8 have been confiscated in the seaport of Cartagena.