At Taiwan's border, a shipment of grapes from Japan was seized after they were found to contain banned pesticides, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Wednesday. A total of 250 kilograms of grapes supplied by Japanese firm New Yamanashi Wine Co. was confiscated after sample testing on September 16 detected 0.01 parts per million (ppm) of cyclaniliprole, a type of pesticide banned from being used on grapes in Taiwan.

Lin Chin-fu, FDA deputy director-general, said that under current food safety regulations, cyclaniliprole can only be used on apples, pears and tea. Lin added that 0.01 ppm is the limit of cyclaniliprole that can be used on those products and that although the batch of grapes contained only a small amount of the chemical, they still had to be returned to Japan or destroyed.