The IQF-freezing technology company OctoFrost has unveiled a new approach intended to transform how people discover and study industrial machines. “We've used augmented reality (AR) technology, which enables people to explore our freezer equipment in a genuinely novel way. This is made feasible by specialist AR goggles and a specially designed program, which build an immersive virtual world, bringing the user's OctoFrost Multi-level Impingement Freezer to life and transferring them into a genuine production scenario,” says Sana Rehman, marketing coordinator for OctoFrost.

A green method of demonstrating sophisticated technology
Transporting large pieces of equipment across the world is a common practice in the conventional approach to exhibits. Rehman states OctoFrost wants to offer an alternative: “The introduction of AR technology by OctoFrost represents a paradigm change in this regard. We convey a virtual experience rather than actual equipment, which simplifies logistics and lowers the environmental impact of shows. This makes sure that our presence at trade shows are both sustainable and have a positive impact.”

Discover a simulated production cycle
“OctoFrost's foray into augmented reality not only highlights our technological prowess but also offers a captivating platform for clients and potential clients. With this strategy, we feel we are positioned as a trailblazer in our sector, appealing to stakeholders that value sustainability and innovation,” Rehman explains. “Wearing the AR goggles, participants don't just observe passively; they go on an interactive tour of a simulated production process where they can see the our Multi-level Impingement Freezer's capabilities up close and test its various features.”

Promoting Virtual Demonstrations to a Global Audience
The advantages of AR go beyond the actual walls of exhibition spaces, Rehman explains. “Online sharing of our virtual demos makes OctoFrost accessible to a larger audience. Customers and partners may now enjoy a virtual exhibition at their leisure, transcending geographic borders, even if they are unable to attend actual trade shows.”

USA and Dubai are upcoming
Two of the biggest events in the food processing sector, Process Expo in the USA and Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, are approaching, and anticipation is growing according to Rehman. “We’re getting ready to greet all of our clients and partners at both events and show off our augmented reality (AR) experience to the interested attendees. Visitors will get the chance to operate an OctoFrost Multi-Level Impingement freezer with its many functions and product kinds firsthand at these exhibitions.”

OctoFrost's use of augmented reality technology is a game changer for tradeshows, Rehman states. “It not only increases interest in and knowledge of the apparatus, but also emphasizes our commitment to innovation and sustainability. So be ready to put on your AR goggles and enter OctoFrost's future of frozen food processing. The voyage is just getting started, and it is exhilarating!” Rehman concludes.

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