Bananas are the most exported fresh fruit in the world by volume – 19.1 million tonnes in 2022 – and estimated economic value of USD 10 billion per year, making its value chain one of the most important in the world. Additionally, they are an essential source of income for thousands of rural households in developing countries. However, environmental, economic and social challenges in the industry can only be properly addressed if all the stakeholders actively collaborate.

The World Banana Forum is organizing its Fourth Global Conference, which will take place on 12 and 13 March 2024, from 09:00 to 17:00 hours CEST (Rome time) at FAO headquarters in Rome. On the day before the Conference (11 March), the WBF will organize the WBF International Meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry.

During the Conference, various topics related to the sustainability of the banana industry, such as environmental impacts, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, sustainable banana production systems, distribution of value in the supply chain, living wages, shared responsibility, due diligence, labour rights, decent work and gender equity will be addressed.

The conference will gather a wide range of stakeholders in the banana sector worldwide, including governments, relevant international organizations, importers, exporters, retailers, producer organizations, trade unions, civil society organizations and research and development institutes.

The Fourth Global Conference of the World Banana Forum is an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between stakeholders to work together on the urgent challenges that the sector faces.

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