Just a few months after the official launch of its Exclusive Partner Programme, Port International is pleased to announce a strong increase in partners, a development which takes its producer and
logistics network to a new level.


Known as a pioneer of the industry, Port International has been committed to strong partnerships with producers and service providers for many decades. In addition to its commitment to Fairtrade
production and Living Wage projects, the company will increasingly focus on long term partnerships within the Exclusive Partner Programme, too.

This offers decisive advantages for partners and customers, given that these long term partnerships aim to increase the planning security and competitiveness of all participants. Participating producers can produce in a more targeted and sustainable way and in addition benefit from Port International's strong distribution network. They also have the opportunity of financial support and can plan and
implement innovations as well as sustainability and marketing initiatives together with Port International. This in turn benefits the food retailers who, through the Exclusive Partner Programme, are offered a reliable and innovative range of premium products and an efficient flow of information from field to POS at the same time.

André Lüling, Managing Director of Port International European Sourcing and Port International Fruit GmbH, emphasises "We are very pleased that we have been able to win so many great producers as
Exclusive Partner Farms already. The long term cooperation between traders and producers is essential for a sustainable future."

Among the currently ten exclusive partners of Port International is the Ecuadorian banana producer BananaGoldCorp, which grows organic bananas on more than 645 hectares of land. The exclusive partnership with Port International has enabled the company to significantly improve its position in the market. "It was important for our company and our banana suppliers to have an exclusive partner
who allows us to grow as an exporter and gives us high credibility in the market," says Pedro Morales, Managing Director of BananaGoldCorp.

GVS Fruit Company

Another exclusive partner is the Brazilian producer GVS Fruit Company. The company dedicates 180 of the more than 1,000 hectares of land to the cultivation of seedless grapes, which are distributed by Port International. The location of the cultivation fields in the north east of Brazil offers various advantages for production.

The packing station Larkia K ft is also part of the Port International partner network. As an exclusive service partner, the Hungarian packing station offers the ideal location for the fruit importer’s
international goods traffic and ensures reliable and short delivery routes, especially for customers in Eastern Europe. Equipped with state of the art technology, the packing station ensures high performance throughout the year and a sustainable energy consumption to boot.

For more information:
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Port International
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