"A few days ago, in California, we presented a 3D visor that will change the way in which we design and set up protective structures. We have named it the vineyard of the future," reports Claudio Creatore, sales manager at Serroplast, a company from Rutigliano (BA) that supplies plastic film covers for vineyards and orchards.

3D visor

Ready for a journey into the future
The vineyard of the future is an advanced planning system as it employs a visor and a 3D software that enables producers to modulate and view their projects. By using two simple pads, entrepreneurs can select the ideal characteristics of their structure suc as e.g. type of film, accessories, depth, width and much more.

Giuseppe Borracci and Claudio Creatore

The need for a new approach
"This system makes it possible to obtain a clear and realistic view of the vineyard before it is set up. This revolutionary tool was created to help producers make vineyard planning simple and effective. The possibility of showing clients - in fairs or other places, maybe even thousands of km away - how their solution will look constitutes a huge advantage compared with traditional means such as photos and brochures."

Vineyard covered using the Serroplast technology

"The idea is perfect for those who come to us from all over the world to plan their vineyards. We can discuss the details depending on the needs of our customer and the solutions we have available. For example, it will be easier to choose accessories such as PVC tubes or the hooks to anchor the plastic film and much more. What is more, as we know all too well, the structure needed changes not only according to the requests of the customer, but also due to soil and weather conditions, the variety planted, the microclimate and a whole series of variables. The 3D software will help us with this, which is intuitive and easy to use via tablet."

Detail of the accessories produced by Serroplast for an efficient setup of the vineyard

"The advantage of working with Serroplast is that you are working with a company that not only manufactures the structure, but that also monitors the entire setup and helps clients until production is well underway. Seroplast, in fact, employs all the figures dealing with agricultural production and also provides an after-sales service to make any corrections needed. Clients are not abandoned, they are also followed up when it comes to changing films and general maintenance."

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